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Where We Began

Two important questions are:

  1. What is dita?
  2. Why did we build it?

The dita platform is an all-in-one online training platform that allows its customers to have a very simple solution to enable their very own training online.

The two main benefits of the dita platform are:

  1.  There is no need for any other third parties e.g. ISP’s, IT programmers, complicated shareware players or production houses and;
  2. You will not need web developers or the need to build your own online shop.

It is an easy to use platform and if you are able to use Microsoft Word or similar programmes and you are familiar with video sharing sites like YouTube, then you will find dita a breeze.

So what kind of training can be created with the dita platform?

Any training which is currently being delivered through DVD’s, Webcast, PowerPoint and even the old procedures manuals can all be easily converted into an online training module or course.

If it’s a webcast, again how do we know they understand the subject matter and concepts we’re trying to explain to them?

In the case of a webinar, how do they ask a question about something they don’t understand? Dangerously, they may be inclined instead to just sit there and nod their head as if they do understand?

The main concern for any training is; how do you know that your training or your message is being understood by the people you’re trying to engage with?

Traditional methods of delivery just don’t conclusively provide this level of feedback. However, through the intelligent use of the very latest in technology, the dita Platform provides you with all the tools you need to not only construct and deliver courses or modules, but also to dynamically track the progress and results of individuals and groups.

So why not just use these traditional forms of content delivery?

Well the answer is simple; we see no reason why the delivery method shouldn’t be easier than the traditional methods and importantly, a more efficient and accurate method of training people and tracking their progress as they go. What we’re interested in is having staff, clients and students consistently and efficiently understanding all the information being offered for their learning. Give them an eBook and it’s up to their ability to read and comprehend the information.

The most important commodity you have to make your product or service a success is your people. Choosing effective training methods for your people should be high on your priority list and should remain consistent across the business so a common message is always maintained. Providing training via a book or video will not get you consistent and accurate results you rightfully require to run your business at its full potential. There’s no point in just throwing information at people and moving them on to more and more complex concepts if you don’t know if they understand what you’re trying to teach them. The great news is; dita allows you to test and assess what the student has learnt throughout the module. In fact, you can do this throughout all of your training modules, it’s up to you. You’re in control. And if they don’t understand any aspect of the training, you can prompt or force them to go back over the content again before they’re permitted to move on.

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