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Training & Inductions

The training of staff within any organisation in many cases can form the basis of a solid core for the business to thrive. Success is measured by monitoring staff performance which in most cases leads directly to business success. Well trained staff are generally more competent in their specific roles and can usually react better to challenging situations, planned or unplanned. Solid staff training also helps maintain a healthy, honest and compliant workplace.


Induction training is aimed at helping new staff members and visitors to become productive as soon as practically possible. It helps make them quickly become familiar with business objectives and policies.

Amongst others, inductions are usually more relevant to the below situations:

  • New staff member requiring training to comply with organisational policies
  • Visitors to the worksite
  • Travelling staff members between work sites


Induction training usually includes:

  • Formal systematic training to cover required skills
  • Training with the main business objectives and policies in mind
  • A training strategy aimed at staff development
  • Compliance needs

Induction training goals:

  • Share important information about the business and its policies
  • Demonstrate the business core values and ethics
  • Help the inductee feel welcome and informed
  • Create a positive work environment
  • Have a positive impact on new staff and visitors

Most inductions are conducted at the workplace itself. However, online training platforms can help prepare inductees without the total need to be onsite at the time. Online inductions can be totally independent or coupled with face-to-face training as desired. Inductions are usually conducted or prepared by competent trainers, fully skilled with the ultimate business objectives and compliance policies.

Preparation of Inductions

Visitors to the workplace and new staff members need an induction tailored to their specific needs. It’s important they understand the business culture from the outset which will help leave a lasting impression on them. A program consisting of comprehensive learning material presented in a well-planned manner is essential to helping inductees fully understand their responsibilities within the workplace.

Well crafted training is essential and should always 100% cover the compliance requirements relevant to the business. Employers are also required to formally provide new staff with training related to all forms of health and safety relevant to their particular workplace.

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