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The dita User Interface is dita Solutions online training content player. Through the interface the user can sit tests from the content they have just been delivered, including watching videos and slide shows. The types of content within dita Player is dependent on what has been set in dita Creator.

dita Player consist of:

    • Secure login: When you click on the link or type the address into your browser, you will first be brought to our secure login screen. By signing in using your unique username (usually your email address) and password, you are confirming that it is you who is participating in the training being undertaken in this session. Use of the player is restricted to the person who the unique user name and password belongs to.
    • Modules Page: the Modules page displays the Modules that have been asigned to the individual user, progress bar for each module and certificte button for access to certificates once they have completed a module.
    • Player Components: Once you have logged into a module you will be inside the player which consists of a a content area, including text, video, audio, images and a combination of them. To give the users control there are navigation buttons, a resource button, scroll bar (when required), a help button and a menu button to take you back to the modules Page.
    • Assessments: Throughout the module you can insert assessments (attributing to their end results) and Quizzes (to test their knowledge along the way). After the user answers a question the player will give them feedback immediately and determine where they go from there controlled by the publisher.
    • Certificate: When a user has completed a module they will be able to download or print out a certificate straight away.
    • Help: the help page provides you with helpful information on using dita Dashboard.

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