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dita Manager is the central location to manage your staff and client training. Here you can see what training has been assigned to individuals or groups and the progress on each of them. including how long they took to answer questions or complete each element of training and which questions they got wrong. You have the option to export this data or view a snapshot of everything from the dashboard. Through Manager you will be able to map and track users competencies and make available training for professional development through the library.

The dita Manager consists of:

    • Dashboard: contains some quick stats and news updates.
    • User Manager: this is where you can search, edit add new users and manipulate their details and access to modules. This area will only display user’s that you have access through administration rights.
    • Groups: the Groups page displays a list of current groups that you have access to. You can create new groups, delete existing groups, add and remove users and enrol group members into a Module
    • Courses: the Courses page displays the Courses belonging to your organisation. You can add and remove users, and enrol groups.
    • Modules: the Modules page displays the Modules belonging to your organisation. You can disable, add and remove users, and enrol groups.
    • Resources: the Resources page displays the Resources belonging to your organisation. You can add and remove users, and enrol groups.
    • Competencies: all organisations have competencies that they need to record against each staff member, these could be online, face to face and licencing to name a few.
    • Library: The library allows you to add modules, resources, courses and events to individuals, groups or the whole organisations Dashboard to allows staff to choose the training they wish to complete.
    • Licences: this page will provide an overview of the Module licences held by your organisation. If your organisation is a Reseller, then an additional tab will be displayed that will allow you to view your reseller licences.
    • Reports: the reports page provides a multitude of reporting capabilities that can be filtered by user, group or module, as well as being able to create customised reports.
    • Clients: if your organisation is a Reseller, you will have access to the Client page, which displays a quick overview of your clients. Here you can set a Master Admin for your client, disable your client, or load the Client View.
    • Help: the help page provides you with helpful information on using dita Manager.
    • Sign Out: the Sign Out button is located in the top-right of every page. If you are idle for more than 10 minutes, you will be automatically logged out.

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