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dita Dashboard

An intuitive dita Dashboard gives your staff and clients an all-in-one interface providing a conduit to the training and resources you’ve assigned to them. With a view to providing users with a dashboard that’s easy to use as well as function-packed, we put the system through rigorous testing sessions prior to settling on the latest intuitively designed interface. The User Experience (UX) is all about the informative aspects of training and results, all at a glance and with the least amount of clicks.


Through the dashboard the user will have access to:

  • Courses – Current and completed
  • Modules – Current and completed
  • Resources  Assigned by your organisation to each user
  • EventsAssigned to you by the organisation
  • LibraryAvailable training modules, courses, resources and events that you can enrol in
  • Profile – So each user can update their own details as required
  • Calendar – Which records all the important dates automatically for courses and modules they need to complete
  • News Feed – To update users with any new features being added to any of the interfaces
  • Help – ‘How To’ pages, Instructional videos and our Help Desk
  • Manager – A simple click to enter the Manager interface (if access is assigned)
  • Creator – A simple click to enter the Creator interface (if access is assigned)
  • dita Marketplace – A simple click to enter the dita Marketplace interface (if access is assigned)

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