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dita Creator

dita Creator is dita Solutions comprehensive creator platform, allowing individuals or organisations to create modules, courses and events from scratch, as well as uploading resources. Unlike other LMS Creator tools, dita Creator is simple and easy to use; if you’re able to use Microsoft Word and PowerPoint then you’ll be able to use dita Creator. If you want to see for yourself, sign up to our Free 14 Day Trial and let us know what you think!

dita Creator consists of:

Welcome Page: contains some quick stats, news updates and current modules.

    • Modules: Once you have clicked on an existing module or chosen to add a new module you will come to the template page which allows you to do the following;
      • Editing: You have a button which only allows changes to be made to a module once the editing button is on.
      • Insert: The insert function allows you to build the structure of your module, by adding stages, sections and assessments.
      • Stages: Are like chapters in a book, you can separate your module into multiple stage and group all relevant information together under the stage title.
      • Sections: This is the main area where you will build the content that makes up your module. There are a number of different template for you to choose from to display your content which include;
        1. HTML Only (Text and images)
        2. Video Only
        3. HTML and Audio
    • Assessments: The most powerful component of the dita suite of products is the assessments, as it is the assessments or quizzes which ensure the users and administrators understand the knowledge of the user. You can make different types of questions and answers including;
      1. Multiple Choice
      2. Multi-Select
      3. Short Answers
      4. Matching Words
      5. Drop Select
  • Help: the help page provides you with helpful information on using dita Creator.
  • Resources: You can upload various types of resources to share with your staff, trainers, administrators and add to your courses.
  • Events: Not all training can be completed online, so events allows you to create other types of training like, meetings, face to face, video conferencing and third party training. Once it is created you can allocate to your staff through the manager interface and add to the library, competency matrix or learning pathways.
  • Courses: allows you to group modules, resources, events into a single course to make allocating and tracking easy.

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