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Becoming compliant is extremely important. However, maintaining the level of compliance and continually addressing new or changing regulations is also crucial. Compliance management is a process. This process usually involves a number of people, or even a department of the organization tasked with adhering and enforcing compliance standards relevant to that organisation.


The importance of compliance in the workplace has become paramount to the core operational and corporate structure of any business. Most organisations are focusing on becoming 100% compliant to not only adapt to safer work environments, but also to satisfy the increasing regulations and standards set in place by relevant authorities.

It’s the responsibility of the company’s owners to ensure the necessary regulatory measures and procedures are in place. As such, compliance can be seen by many as extremely important to any organisation in order to satisfy its legal obligations.

Some of the obligations include:

  • OH&S
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Workplace Harassment
  • Supporting Mental Health
  • Privacy
  • Fraud and Corruption

eCompliance Training

Compliance training is a process of educating staff on regulations, policies and laws that may apply to their job function. Managing such compliance requirements for any organisation can be a very time-consuming role.

Compliance Training helps with:

  • Workplace harmony and respect
  • Providing framework and laying the foundation for legal obligations pertaining to compliance
  • Additional value in your business
  • Avoidance of workplace compliance violations
  • Early detection of potential compliance issues

To help ease the burden, eCompliance has been successfully deployed worldwide to assist organisations with updating, tracking and maintaining all compliance data within the company. Not only does this offer immediate support for any organisations needs, it also proves very valuable when there’s a need to extract archival compliance data if the need arises.

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