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All workplaces strive for a competent workforce. Competence of an individual may be as a result of specific training, past experience in similar situations or even how they interpret a situation. For an individual to be deemed competent at their job means they have the ability do the job properly. Importantly, competencies are not job tasks, but are sets of defined behaviours providing a structured guide for ease of identification, evaluation and development of an individual’s behaviour.

In an emergency, competent individuals may act based on their successful past experiences. Most competent individuals would usually be able to interpret a situation and have one or more option(s) by way of action(s) to take.

Training can be undertaken by individuals who are lacking in relevant competencies. Select resources are used to help individuals develop and learn those competencies with the aim of giving the individual the ability to select and act on a range of various possible actions required in certain situations.

Individuals should treat competencies with high priority as they need these to be successful in their role. A business with well defined competencies allows individuals to understand what is necessary to be productive. Competencies for one business are not necessarily relevant to other organisations.


Confirmation an individual, group of people or object, has certain characteristics. Often certification is realised via a form of external review and associated measurement. The process of certification is usually referred to as accreditation. Independent assessments are most common, aimed at specific requirements relevant to the organisation being covered.

There are many forms of certification including professional certification which relates directly to an individual to being able to competently complete a task or job. Such certifications are mostly granted upon successfully completing some form of training or study resulting in a competency test to demonstrate the level of understanding. Certification can expire depending on the type, while others can be ‘one offs’ lasting a lifetime.

Other types of certification include:

  • Product Certification
  • Digital Certification
  • Environmental Certification
  • Film Certification
  • Diving Certification

Plus many more.

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