Child Care


Are you safe? Secure? Or at risk?

Can you tick all your child care compliance boxes?
Are you meeting or exceeding National Quality Standards?
We want to help you use our child care compliance & training in the cloud & achieve your best quality.


Compliance sorted

  • Competencies, certificates, licenses, checks
  • Policies, resources, assessments, inductions
  • Dates, data, documents and actions
  • For your child care centre team
  • Organised, ready and proactive
  • Trigger reminders and alerts ahead of time
  • With your child care forms and reports
  • Compliance at your fingertips
  • Get things done, hassle-free

Training will fly in the cloud

  • Inducting new staff
  • Basic compliance training
  • Continuing professional development
  • Modules, courses, guides, assessment
  • Training is crucial to your success
  • Successful training must be appealing
  • Accessible training, easy to do and to manage
  • Face to face training is not time or cost efficient
  • Anywhere, anytime – induct and train in the cloud

Why it benefits you

  • Access anywhere anytime
  • Use phones tablets computers
  • Organised, efficient, ahead
  • Avoid non-compliance
  • Reduce running costs
  • Affordable child care fees
  • Inductions easier
  • Compliance enhanced
  • Training improved
  • More time for children
  • Fulfilled staff
  • Happier parents
  • Fewer complaints
  • Positive work environment
  • Consistent training & knowledge
  • Strong stable team
  • Higher quality ratings

What it does for you

  • Compliance tracking, reporting, management
  • Competencies for employees, trainees, volunteers
  • Staff self-inductions online mobile ready
  • Staff competencies captured and mapped
  • Alert emails for re-certification to staff & manager
  • Training courses for standard competencies
  • Professional development courses for staff
  • Your resources for your child care centre
  • Policies, procedures, guides, fact sheets
  • Employee forms and letters
  • Position descriptions
  • Performance
  • Evaluations
  • Risk assessments
  • Health and safety
  • Logo and colours for your centre
  • Instant report emailing
  • Selective reporting for focused actions
  • Reports anytime, custom & standard
  • Audit trail database maintains meticulous records
  • Annual system audit report by our consultant for you


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