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Buchanan Success Coaching

Buchanan Success Coaching (BSC) specializes in business coaching from small businesses right through to large corporates. When we were looking to expand the business without having to exponentially increasing staff size, we needed to find a solution to deliver this information to our clients.

Business coaching has traditionally been in a face to face environment that can be very heavy in resources. At Buchanan Success Coaching (BSC), we needed a solution that could deliver that information in a rich format which is easily understood and accessed by our clients. With the excellent assistance from Ben Pedrazzini and the team at dita Solutions, we have been able to bring components of our High Performance Teams course to our clients through their e-learning solution.  These online modules are delivered through a platform which allows far better service provision to clients in a cost efficient manner.

The dita Platform gives BSC total control from –  creating our modules; allocating them to our clients; managing them through the management interface; and delivery to our clients through the customised player interface that brands it as the BSC solution. Recently we have automated the online system through the dita Marketplace and have links on our website which allows clients and new customers to purchase these modules in an automated environment.

Buchanan Success Coaching could not be more pleased with the excellent service and ongoing support from the dita Solutions team as we continue to build this new aspect of our business.

John Buchanan.

Managing Director | Buchanan Coaching


IPAR Rehabilitation is one of the largest injury prevention, occupational rehabilitation and return to work providers in Australia. We operate in every state and territory in the country, delivering services to a range of customers both large and small, across metropolitan and regional centres.

Explaining and demonstrating our injury prevention services, in particular our Strong4Life Manual Handling training program, had traditionally been a face-to-face service that can be heavy in resources. We needed an additional cost effective solution that could deliver that same information in a rich format that all our participants could use and understand.

With the excellent assistance from Ben Pedrazzini and the team at dita Solutions we have been able to bring our Strong4Life Manual Handling training to life as an e-learning solution.  The dita Platform gives us total control, from creating our courses, allocating them to our customers, managing participants through the dita management interface, and delivering the training through the customised player interface that brands it as our solution. Recently we have automated the online system further to include a shop on our website which allows customers to purchase the course in a secure environment.

We are now working on two new courses to be delivered through the same platform in order to continue to deliver injury prevention services in a cost efficient manner.

We could not be more pleased with the excellent service and ongoing support from the dita Solutions team as we continue to build this area of our business.


Tim Elvery,

IPAR | National Manager Business Development

AUSTSWIM Testimonial

We use dita Solutions throughout AUSTSWIM because we can be guaranteed that the results we plan to achieve are measurable and can be organised and managed from a central location.

With such great success throughout our swim schools, we wanted to give other swim schools and teachers the chance to embrace our program and achieve the results we had become accustomed to ever since implementing the dita Solutions platform into our swim school.

In conjunction with dita Solutions, we gave swim schools a free 90-Day trial of dita Manager, dita Player and dita Creator, allowing them to manage their staff from a central location and view the desired content through an online player. Individuals and groups were assigned modules to complete including a range of assessments at the end of each module.

The feedback we received from all the swim schools was astonishing. They were overwhelmed by how clear the teaching standards and techniques were presented throughout the modules and how individuals’ teaching methods and knowledge improved dramatically. The operators of the swim schools found that managing their staff was much easier than anticipated, with dita Manager consolidating all the data in the background making it possible for them to track the progress of each individual from the simple interface.

I have no hesitation in recommending dita Solutions for any online learning requirements. The feedback from the Proprietors of our affiliated swim schools has been outstanding and we all found it so simple to use.
I hope you find the dita Solutions suite of products as effective in your business as we did.

Kindest regards,

Gordon Mallet | CEO AUSTSWIM

Kids Alive

Kids Alive (


Drowning is the greatest cause of accidental death in the under five-age group in Australia. In 1988, Laurie launched the Kids Alive Drowning Prevention Campaign to combat the problem. Today, with support from the Federal Government and community service advertising, the program runs nationally. As a result, drowning statistics have reduced significantly. According to Laurie there is still a long way to go. Our target is zero deaths by drowning.

One of the biggest challenges that we face is educating everyone in the public about water safety, so in 2008 Kids Alive in conjunction with dita released a new online campaign to reach everyone in the world with Internet access. Thousands of parents from all corners of the globe have logged into dita to view our 5 FREE lessons.

With dita Manager we’re able to track every participant’s progress as well as their name and full contact details so we can assist them in the areas they’re having trouble with. As we’re a recognised community service, using dita allows us to create a program and then release it to the World Wide Web. This allows our message to be delivered the correct way to participants whenever it suits them to view it. Creating public awareness is extremely difficult; you require so many different media groups to support what you are doing to get your message across. Now with dita and the Internet I can release awareness programmes as I see fit and once they’ve used dita once, you can then update the participant with further announcements through dita Administrator.

dita has given Kids Alive a much greater audience to deliver our message to, in an easy to use interface that we can change and add to at any time.

Yours truly,
Laurie Lawrence | Kids Alive

Laurie Lawrence Swim School

Laurie Lawrence (


Hi, my name is Laurie Lawrence and I have made the world’s first and finest online swim school! The World Wide Swim School is an interactive, educational and innovative website where parents and swimming teachers alike can gain knowledge and information on how to teach swimming to children and adults of all ages.

dita Solutions and the World Wide Web has given me the opportunity to share over 40 years of successful swim teaching techniques that have taken swimmers from raw beginners to become Olympians and Olympic Medallists. These lessons educate parents on successful swim teaching techniques used to teach babies and children to swim. They also provide a quality resource for swimming teachers and contribute to improving the quality of swim teaching around the world.

I would not’ve been able to offer this information without the use of dita. dita has allowed me to demonstrate to the world my information in my words with clear visual demonstration. I have found dita extremely easy to use, especially for compiling my information and for the easy style of navigation through my online lessons. The beauty of dita is that I’ve been able to add additional lessons as I’ve finished them and I’m still growing my catalogue today and will continue to do so into the future.

I’m a former Australian Rugby Union Representative and Olympic and World Champion Gold Medal Swim Coach. Through my coaching achievements and communication skills, the Australian Olympic Committee made me an integral part of the Australian team at the Atlanta 1996, Sydney 2000, Athens 2004, 2008 Beijing and London 2012 Olympic Games. I was part of the Australian Olympic team with the brief to unite, inspire, motivate and relax the entire team.

Throughout my life I have set myself the highest standards because I believe in helping people achieve their potential. With dita, I’ve been able to stay out in front of the competition and deliver quality instruction for everyone to access, anywhere in the world. dita has allowed me to build the perfect lessons and deliver them exactly the same way to anyone in the world. With dita Creator I’m able to make changes to my own information and post to them to web when I’m ready. The dita Manager also allows me to keep track of all my clients and easily check on their progress.

I would like to thank dita Solutions for assisting me to stay ahead of the rest of the world in delivering quality instruction in an innovative and easy to use format.

Yours truly,
Laurie Lawrence

RAMS Home Loans Testimonial

We had been looking for an online learning platform for quite some time when Ben from dita Solutions was recommended to us by an associate. Ben’s professionalism and the quality and price of the product made our decision easy!

What has impressed me even more however, is the after sales service. Ben and his team have helped us every step of the way to develop and implement a solution that meets our business needs, and the result has been extremely well-received by our users. Nothing was too much for the team and they really made it all a seamless and worry-free process.

We are now enjoying the success of our new system and are looking forward to using the new Creator functionality, which will add even more value to the solution.

Nancy Grimes.

Senior Training Manager | Rams Financial Group Pty Ltd.