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Our passion is to build the highest quality and most advanced Learning Management System on the market to date. We believe our passion drives us to achieve the most efficient and suitable suite of products to serve your business requirements. Using dita’s comprehensive range of products will effectively utilise current resources to benefit your organisations future goals!

We see our benefits as 5 simple reasons why you should use dita as your LMS

Turnkey Solution

Why is it that approximately only 1% of the workforce is using online learning?

The answer is simple; until now it’s been too hard and too expensive, not only to get set up, but also to maintain the solution. Typically the old way of providing training was:

  1. Give the training company your content (maybe you won’t own it when we are finished with it)
  2. They will then go back and forward with you for the following weeks or even months to justify the thousands of dollars they’re charging you just to put your content into their system
  3. Once that’s all eventually done, they’ll work out the costs for setup, conversion, changes, infrastructure, downloads and user numbers
  4. Will you be looking after this or will they? If you are, you may need a team of IT specialists that know what they’re doing with the course material and delivery platform. That doesn’t sound easy or cost effective. And, you’ll need to set up your infrastructure to support the platform.
  5. Before you’re finally up and running, it’ll be necessary to get all parties involved working together to share important information to ensure if an issue happens it’s not going to take a lengthy period to fix.
  6. And, if you want to make a small change, the issue of whose fault it is will likely take time to resolve and has the capability of costing a few thousand dollars, just for the small change.


Now you know why only 1% of the workforce is using eLearning at present.

The dita Platform is a Turnkey solution based in the cloud. Our motto is you do what you do best, create the training and manage your staff/clients, because no-one knows them better than you and to make this simple we’ll take care of the rest!

If you don’t have any training created already and think that it might be out of your league to create some, we have specialists that can help you create it from scratch. Or, you can choose to take a look in the dita Marketplace and you might just find what you’re looking for.

We have an all-in-one platform that includes a Creator interface to make your modules, a Manager interface to assign, track and manage your users, a Dashboard to keep your users organised and a responsive player that works on all devices. Couple that with built in messages and the entire infrastructure taken care of, the dita Platform is the best Turnkey solution on the market.

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