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14 Day FREE Trial

The 14 Day Free Trial will give you time to assess the benefits of the dita Platform and discover how user-friendly the dita Platform interface is. Through your ‘no obligation’ free trial period, you’ll have access to dita tools, resources and training to give you a better understanding of how the dita platform will best serve your requirements.

Included in the Free 14 day trial

    • Immediate access to the dita Creator interfacered-arrow-curved-upright
    • Access to the dita Player interface through a preview facility built into dita Creator
    • Setup of your very own subdomain name
    • Setup of your own theming, enabling you to create your organisations ‘look and feel’
    • Resources to assist you in understanding how to use the dita Platform
    • Instructional videos, to give you a more visual learning experience
    • Access to dita Support through our help desk and email support
    • ‘How to’ pages, to give you a step by step understanding of how each component in the dita platform works


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